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Free Registration
High signing rate by matching
Income Stability system

Work today, get paid today!! Simple and effective for our teachers and students. Students pay after each lesson avoiding the need to prepay large sums of money at one time!!

– NEWS –
2021. 1. 8

Launched the online booking service

Why Eigopass ?

Ongoing support for our teachers
Teach in your free time
Autonomy in what you teach

We find students for you

Fast Cash Income

No monthly report 

Minimum rate: 3,000 yen

5 mins online registration
to get started

How to get started

Click on the “Apply Now” button and it would only take 3 minutes to fill out the form. Our staff will review your applications and get in touch with you to arrange an online meeting if you meet our application requirements.
Online Meeting
The purpose of online meeting is for us to get to know more about you and it is also an opportunity to explain how we can help you get students. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions at this time.
Find Match
Based on student’s requests they provided on their applications, will contact you if your background closely matches the student to arrange a free trial lesson when a time that is convenient for you and the student is decided.
Trial Lesson
An staff member will then meet with you to introduce you to a prospective new student. The trial lesson should last anywhere from 15-20 minutes for you to introduce yourself and to better understand the student’s goals for learning English.

Application Requirements

A bachelor degree or higher from any major college or university where English is the medium of education.
Eligible to work in Japan


Paid in cash after each lesson

Payments for online lessons will be made once a month. Students will pay for all lessons in the previous month at the beginning of the following month.

Private Lesson

3,000 yen/ hour

Semi-Private Lesson

4,000 yen/ hour (for 2 students)
4,500 yen/ hour (for 3 students)

Cancellation Policy

When a student cancels a lesson 24 hours prior to the lesson date and time, the student is not liable to pay a cancelation fee for the lesson. Should the student cancel within 24 hours of the lesson, student would pay 1 lesson fee payment to the teacher for said cancellation.

When a teacher cancels a lesson 24 hours prior to the lesson date and time, the teacher is not liable for any cancelation fee for the lesson. Should the teacher cancel the lesson within 24 hours of the lesson, teacher would provide the student a lesson free of charge for the following lesson. (Alternatively, teacher could make up the time by extending future lessons if student is in agreement)

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MyEikaiwa Studioは、コロナに負けず英語学習を続けたい皆さんを応援するためキャンペーンを実施します!
通常  22,000円